Pretty Things Come in Dirty Packages

The girls are so excited about watching things grow. They are almost as ready as I am to play in the dirt. As a matter of fact, Kayla has been busy digging gladiola bulbs and seperating the “babies” from the “mommas” for about a week now. Granted, I have had that glad bed for as long as I have had JaMell (LOL), and never once dug and stored anything from it. Maybe the child will teach mommy a few things about gardening. I asked her where she will plant them. Until she decides, they will be sitting and drying in my bathtub.

Bugg is a completely different beast!! She digs too, but really is not interested in the bulbs. Every time she sees a worm, she moves him to his “new home where we put food for him.” Yes, gardeners, we call that the compost pile. This is where her experimentation with a berry garden will take place this spring.

I’m anxious and looking forward to seeing you when all this effort starts to sprout, grow, and bloom. Until then, keep coming back to get winter tips for your cabin fever.


‘Passion Parties’ Expand Female Freedom – ABC News

‘Passion Parties’ Expand Female Freedom – ABC News.

Have Party, Will travel.  Within reason, I would be glad to party with you.  Let me know and I will do what I can to make sure Passion Parties comes to your house (or other venue).  LOL, it’s like Tupperware.

Pneumonia Weather

Mell came out the house this morning in shorts, a sweatshirt, socks and NIKE sandals … ???  Uh, son? 

It went from 68 to 30 something in a matter of a few days.  People, don’t forget what your parents and grandparents told you.  Put your undershirt on in October and don’t take it off until the end of March (or almost June in my parents’ house).  For those of you who are like me and can’t wait to see the sun shining in the windows, let me give you some advice to carry you until it FEELS like it LOOKS outside.  Garden from the inside.  Trust me.  It is definitely not the same, but it helps me to get my fix.

I woke up a little late and was in a hurry to gt dressed for work.  I went in the bathroom, cleaned up after the puppy, and turned on the shower.  Then it happened.  I got distracted!  Who me?  LOL.  Inside joke intended for my friends who know that it doesn’t take a lot to distract me.  Remember those glad bulbs in the bathtub.  Well . . . some of them have started to dry pretty good, so I HAD to see what was under the red mud.  I spent the next 10 minutes pulling off baby bulbs/corms and wondering how long it would take them to grow large enough to put in the ground.  Will they produce anything at all this year.  Foliage, if I’m lucky, and maybe flowers next year.  There is only one way for me to find out.  Then, I remembered, “I am already late for work.”  On top of that, now I’m gonna have a cold shower.  And rush out the door.  Ha.  Pneumonia weather.  I bet you can’t guess what I’m looking forward to doing when I get home!

Hills Science Diet

I am a dog LOVER. Unfortunately, I love them beyond my financial means, so I am learning to say NO when people offer me stray pets. I am learning that it IS important to have your animals spayed and neutered (not the original “they want babies/family too” idea I had as a child). I am also learning that with my family responsibility that there are certain pets that I can and can not have. I love BIG dogs but I am downsizing to POCKET size pooches. Better on the wallet and more fun for the kids (who can take an active part in their care). Anyway, still, I have a boxer mix who could be a very beautiful animal but he is sickly and I have tried brand after brand of food with little luck. I am glad to have been selected for this campaign because I want to try this brand, but it is EXPENSIVE. If it is worth it, I will definitely spend the money on him. Stick with me. I’ll be posting pics and updates.



No, I have not taken any pics yet, but the puppy is really starting to enjoy the Science Diet.  Now, when she sees me standing near the cabinet door where I keep her food, she bites my ankle until I take out the bag.  Is that why people call little dogs ankle biters?  Anyway.  pictures are coming.

New Bzz – Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance

Okay. I got invited to a new Bzz Campaign Today. I have never used this brand of dog food before. Let’s see if my mutts like it. Jersey can be quite picky.