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Hills Science Diet

I am a dog LOVER. Unfortunately, I love them beyond my financial means, so I am learning to say NO when people offer me stray pets. I am learning that it IS important to have your animals spayed and neutered (not the original “they want babies/family too” idea I had as a child). I am also learning that with my family responsibility that there are certain pets that I can and can not have. I love BIG dogs but I am downsizing to POCKET size pooches. Better on the wallet and more fun for the kids (who can take an active part in their care). Anyway, still, I have a boxer mix who could be a very beautiful animal but he is sickly and I have tried brand after brand of food with little luck. I am glad to have been selected for this campaign because I want to try this brand, but it is EXPENSIVE. If it is worth it, I will definitely spend the money on him. Stick with me. I’ll be posting pics and updates.



No, I have not taken any pics yet, but the puppy is really starting to enjoy the Science Diet.  Now, when she sees me standing near the cabinet door where I keep her food, she bites my ankle until I take out the bag.  Is that why people call little dogs ankle biters?  Anyway.  pictures are coming.


New Bzz – Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance

Okay. I got invited to a new Bzz Campaign Today. I have never used this brand of dog food before. Let’s see if my mutts like it. Jersey can be quite picky.