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Pretty Things Come in Dirty Packages

The girls are so excited about watching things grow. They are almost as ready as I am to play in the dirt. As a matter of fact, Kayla has been busy digging gladiola bulbs and seperating the “babies” from the “mommas” for about a week now. Granted, I have had that glad bed for as long as I have had JaMell (LOL), and never once dug and stored anything from it. Maybe the child will teach mommy a few things about gardening. I asked her where she will plant them. Until she decides, they will be sitting and drying in my bathtub.

Bugg is a completely different beast!! She digs too, but really is not interested in the bulbs. Every time she sees a worm, she moves him to his “new home where we put food for him.” Yes, gardeners, we call that the compost pile. This is where her experimentation with a berry garden will take place this spring.

I’m anxious and looking forward to seeing you when all this effort starts to sprout, grow, and bloom. Until then, keep coming back to get winter tips for your cabin fever.